Sunday, February 8, 2009


Although I assumed my leaving last April was for good, the Lord showed me this past summer that the time to return would come and here it is. I know not for how long only that I am committed until the end of this summer. The Lord has been gracious in calling me back up here for this season, and He has already unveiled some of His reasons for calling me to this place once again. I am thrilled at the opportunities that the Lord has placed in front of me and look forward to this time. I have the great privilege of working with the staffing team to prepare and hire the staff for this summer and then will move into the Head Counseling position once again for the summer. The Lord has been quite specific in His design for me here, and I believe He has a specific place for me this fall as well. I will be excited to embark on that journey as the time draws near.
For now I am in a place of contented peace, knowing that my Lord has drawn me up here for this time and will complete in and through me the work that He has set forth for me to do. I would appreciate your prayers for wisdom as I seek a place to live over the next few months. For now, the Badkes have opened up their home to me, and I have been so blessed to be here. Although I am unsure where the right place is for me the next few months, I trust that the Lord has a place that will suit and ask that you would uphold me in prayer as I seek that out.

Many blessings!

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