Monday, March 2, 2009


Freedom that comes from a life with Christ exalts the God who gave it to you. If you cannot live in freedom from what he has saved you from, others cannot see the greatness of God. It is in witnessing the transforming power of Jesus Christ in a sinner’s life that others will seek to follow. When you take pride in the work of Christ in your life, you exalt Christ. Praise him for the work he has done to set you free from the sin in your life; do not hold onto the chains that bind you but instead embrace the mercy of God and stand on him rejoicing in who you have become because of him! You are a new creation, the old has gone!! The new has come!! Walk in that truth! Embrace that promise! To ignore this is to stomp on the gift of grace in your life. Jesus died that you might be free! Not so that you could continue to feel sorry for how awful you are! Take hold of what God is extending to you and live in such a way that exalts God for his gift!

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Pete Friesen said...

AMEN! That is truly refreshing! If you are not FREE then you got the wrong gospel, including the freedom from sin. Keep it up sister.