Friday, October 26, 2007

Caught Up Underground!

So we took the students down through some caves last week and decided there were a few spots that looked quite interesting (translates to very, very small spaces). I decided that I wanted to be the "cool" leader that goes into the tight spaces, so I attempted to "shimmy" into one very small area. I got about half way in and realized just how small this crack was...I was stuck, but I kept moving forward anyway, twisting and wrenching my body through until I found myself next to one of my students curled up in ball with just enough room to be hunched over on my knees. Somehow I managed to turn around and then I saw the hole that I had come through....PANIC!!! How in the world was I going to get back through?! I had never scared myself so bad...I was really worried! I immediately began my attempt to get out as I did not want to stay and think about how much smaller that hole was getting every moment I waited. I began to realize that there was hope as I "shimmied" my way back out...grunting and groaning the whole way out! It was quite the experience, but I think I learned my lesson in trying to impress the students!!


Elise said...

If there is one thing that FFREAKS me out, is small spaces in caves... 0_o. You've impressed me already!

California Girl said...

Seriously scared the poo out of me! I thought I was stuck for life!