Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Praise God!

After a very long two and a half months of waiting, my work permit finally arrived yesterday! Which means, I have the opportunity to go and visit my brand new nephew this weekend! What an absolute blessing! I cannot wait to see Brady and Carson; I definitely wish I had more opportunities to visit and hang with them. God has been so good in allowing me to be here in Canada serving, yet I do find it difficult to be far from family.
Tara and I had such a wonderful night last night. Tara is my roommate here in Canada, and we decided to head out for a fun dinner and night on the town (translates to: going to Wal-Mart, buying movies, yarn, and games). We had such a blast! God has truly blessed us with each other; neither one of us would have predicted our living together, but in truth God has orchestrated a perfect setting that has benefited both of us so much! We are learning so much from each other and truly enjoying being sisters.


Kiki said...

Amanda, you can't just put up the photos from one of the two days that it snowed in Duncan! Your friends back home are going to get the wrong idea about Canada!!
Welcome to the blog world, so glad to see you have it going!

missybarkman said...

yea a blog!! now we can keep up with each other!! now i should get mine underway, eh? i miss you!

California Girl said...

Man I love you both so much...

Kiki, it totally snowed for like a whole week!

Elise said...

As per Kiks comment: even I was getting wrong ideas about Canada and I was like, it's ot snowing... It's snowing? really? it's that cold on Vancouver Island??

Then my sense kicked in.

And yay for blog!

Nicki Rae said...

I would like to think that is snowing all the time.. thanks for bringing me back to this wonderland.. uuhhh

I do love you Manda.

We live on the same island so i should hear about these updated before they land on the blog.. riiight... oh i would love to hang out with you more, you bless me like crazy. who would have thought that the two of us would end up like we have. By the wonderful grace of God eh.