Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

I love this time of year...seriously there is so much about it that just makes me smile. Tara and I went hunting for a tree last weekend and had such a blast off-roading in a minivan! We always have such a blast was hilarious! You can imagine what it was like as two girls set off to find a tree in the wilderness, chop it down with our saw and then heave it onto the roof of the van before trying to tie it on. Before going home, we bought some decorations and of course topped it off with Starbucks! We got home and set to work immediately putting it up in the house and decorating! Our little home is full of Christmas lights and ornaments and just makes me want to sit and enjoy all day! I just love it.

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Elise said...

Sweet deal! I didn't even know it was legal to go into 'the wilderness' and chop down a tree. I'm so citified that I have to drive to tree farms!!! Merry merrrrrry christmas season!!! I love it.