Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prayer Week

We took this past week as a Kaleo community to dedicate to prayer; each of us took an hour a day to spend in constant communication with our Great God. I remember when the thought of praying for long periods of time was so daunting; often times I feel as though I have gone full circle in that there are times where I would rather not return to community or fellowship and would rather remain on a mountaintop talking with my Father. Yet I have found that He always prompts me to return...sending me back to spend time building into the relationships of people here. Though my citizenship is in Heaven, my life is here...in this world...with those people that God allows for me to interact with.

Often I find that the times I do spend leave me longing for more...more time with the Lord...more time listening and talking...more time learning...more time crying...more of Him.

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