Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wow, it has been way too long! So much has transpired since the beginning of the year that I don't know where to start...I'm leaving Canada. After 3 incredible years up here, the Lord is calling me to a time of rest. I must say I never expected to be doing this and really it came on quite suddenly. In a matter of one week I went from stepping out of Kaleo next year to leaving camp at the end of April. It has been astounding how the Lord has prepared my heart for this transition. Although I lament saying goodbye to this place, He has brought me to such a place of grace and peace that I am ready to go. Anyone that knows me well knows that this could have been an impossible decision for me, but the Lord has been so gracious in making it impossible for me to choose anything else. He has made it so clear that my time here has come to an end...at least for now. It is time for me to experience refreshment and allow the Lord to restore me. I love pouring my whole heart into whatever I am doing and right now I can't do that; I need to be restored...I need to made whole. I want to be an effective minister of the gospel, and I believe that in order to do that God has brought me to this much needed time of rest.

I am so very excited to be heading down to Washington where I will be staying with my brother, sister-in-law and two wonderful nephews! They have so graciously offered for me to live with them and truthfully there's no other place I'd rather be. Although I do believe that moving on from here will be quite difficult at times, I am excited for where the Lord will choose to use me next. I have such an incredible opportunity to pour into my family at this time and look forward to what He will have for me beyond this. I could use your prayers as I make this transition starting this weekend. I will be moving down to Washington this weekend and then returning for the final two weeks of Kaleo in a month.

Truthfully I find it hard to describe the peace I feel at this decision; honestly, I could not have made it unless I felt this incredible peace and God has been so faithful in giving me the grace to have confidence in the decision and readiness to move on.

Love you all


Ky-ill said...

Hey Amanda
It is so good to see the willingness to follow God playing out in your life. I will try and remeber to pray for you as you are lead into a new and exciting time in your life. You have been an encouragment to me and I am sure many others that have meet and lived, worked, and played with. May God bless you in your new postion in life. peace love and prayers

Anonymous said...

I love you Amanda!
missing you like crazy,
your lil' sister

Alicia said...

I have to admit I haven't really been paying attention to the blogging world until today and I was surprised to scroll down on your page and see our shopper's drug mart adventure posted for all to see... :) SO GREAT! I'm grateful for memories like that. :)