Thursday, June 5, 2008

Road Trip!

Nicki and I just had way too much fun these past couple weeks driving to Saskatchewan. We stopped at numerous places be it student homes or the Enchanted Forest or a long vacation at Brandon's house. The Lord seemed to bless us with each place we visited and site we saw. Before leaving the beautiful rocky mountains, we decided to spend one crazy night sleeping in the car! Sooo very funny!

Originally I had suspected that this could be a stressful trip as we would be traveling and living out of suitcases for two weeks and then begin to relax as I came back to the states, but in truth, this trip brought so much refreshment. I was pleasantly surprised at the restoration that the Lord brought during this trip and what a blast we had. With each new place we visited, the Lord brought more grace and joy. I was so blessed by the people we visited and felt often that I was being looked after and cared for wherever we went. All of you that we got to visit...thank you, it was such a joy to see you and to spend some in your homes.

Although a very large part of me wished that I could stay in Canada, the Lord gave me peace about returning to the states. The past few days at my brother's place have been wonderful. I had planned to head to Idaho today, but when I started to pack Carson gave me a sad face and little Brady asked me to stay, so here I am! Who could say no to that?


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Ashleigh, Ben, Noah & Tait said...

Hey Amanda,
Heard about your sister-in-law. Hope everything is alright and that the surgery was successful. We'll keep praying for her and your family.
Keep us updated!
Ashleigh etc.