Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!

Well, for the first time in 4 years, I spent Independence Day with my family! My grandparents, Dan& Amber and the boys and my parents were all there. Dan and I set off some great fireworks while we blasted I'm Proud To Be An American from the boat on the dock. It was great fun and the boys loved the sparklers and was quite the show! I am a blessed woman to have spent such a special time with my little nephews. I have wanted to be close with them, and never expected God to set aside such a wonderful time to do just that. It has also been a wonderful time of connecting and building relationship with Amber, my sister-in-law, and getting to know my brother more now that we've both changed so much!

I have had some wonderful conversations with family that have really done so much to open doors and heal wounds from time past. Although I have struggled at times, I am doing my best to be content with this time of rest and trust that when God aligns the pieces, I will be ready to sign on and have the patience to wait for that timing. I would never have anticipated such a peace in being away from camp during the summer, but it has allowed for some wonderful time of recognizing to what the Lord has called me. Camp ministry literally fell into my lap, and it was only in leaving, and believing I was leaving for good, that I could realize God is calling me to that ministry. I am doing my best to wait patiently for what is next, but often fall short of that patience.

God told me He would take care of finances during this time...He told me not to work, and He has provided more than I could imagine...I am astounded and now have only to wonder what the money He has provided is for...

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