Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Be Holy For I Am Holy"

How many of us still strive for holiness? Can you honestly say that you are striving for holiness? Why does the Lord ask this of us? Isn't it impossible for us to attain holiness while still living in a sinful world? Is that reason to fall into complacency? Never.
The Lord calls us to be holy, and so we must strive for holiness in all we do! We must never be satisfied with the state of our hearts but always looking to become more like our Saviour. God does not ask anything of us that He does not intend to walk through with us.
The more of this world that we release and let go of, the more room we make to invite the things of God into our lives. Purify your heart. You were made to reflect the Lord, the God of all creation, and you cannot reflect Him when your life is full of the world.

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