Thursday, August 20, 2009


I can't believe it's been this apologies to those of you who read this regularly. I have been so overcome by all that the Lord has been doing throughout this summer. What a season for change. We have seen the hand of God so powerfully at work in the hearts of our staff here at Qwanoes; it is astounding. I cannot express the joy that my heart has known this summer, nor the elation at the privilege to be part of it. God has moved in such incredible ways to challenge His followers here to more than what they came with. So many lives are being transformed through the ministry of this summer. Children are hearing and experiencing truth...there is no question of that...but my heart is no doubt shifted to the staff the Lord has brought to us this summer. We have come so far since we began to form in April as we have seen God purge so much from us and prepare us to receive challenge and transformation. There is a hunger and thirst for the Word of God that His spirit has brought about in the last couple months. There is a passionate pursuit of these kids that is changing the hearts of our counselors. So many of our staff are experiencing their lives being literally transformed before their own eyes as God works in them to bring about the men and women that He desires them to be. We are a fallen and fallible people that the Lord has and is using to accomplish His divine will. Praise Him for that! This is a summer about change...about foundation...about establishing a life of discipleship and following after our Saviour. The Lord is moving us from decisions to disciples; followers of Jesus; those who long to know Him, serve Him, become like Him and invite others to do the same. As we are discipling the staff team this summer, our prayer is that they in turn will disciple their kids and establish the true calling of God on our lives that does not involve a one-time decision, but a lifetime of following the Saviour.

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