Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Time for Family

One of the greatest joys of the sabbatical the Lord gave to me last year was the time I spent with family. Looking back I realized not only the wonderful time I spent with my brother and sister-in-law, but also how God had orchestrated time with every member of my immediate family...and alone Spending time living with my brother and his family was priceless...I cannot put words to my joy at watching the Lord build such beautiful ties there and incredible foundations for so much more. The depth that He is bringing in building off that time amazes me and I am beyond blessed! Following that time, I spent the summer with my dad...such great time, precious time. And then in the fall as I headed for Redding, I was able to spend a wonderful three months living 5 minutes away from my incredible mother! What a gift and a treasure she is!

In the past couple months and even more so in the last week, I have heard countless stories of God drawing His people to their families to restore, renew, rebuild, and transform relationships. Praise Him! So many of my friends right now are pursuing the call of the Lord on their life to be with family. What is coming that we are drawn to this now? What is the Lord stirring...what work is He doing that so many of us right now are called to restoration in family?

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