Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

May the Spirit of the Living God overshadow you and bring you peace. Remember His inexpressible gift that comes through the Incarnation of His Son. He became human, walked among us, Immanuel, and died that we might have life. We celebrate Christmas because He came to die. May this drive you to surrender. Remember if the devil can keep us out of the Word and off our knees, he is more powerful, but the minute we drop to our knees and open the Word, the power of the Living God moves in us and blots out the lies and deception and destruction of the enemy. May His strength be yours. Deny the push to walk away from the Word; force yourself to focus in prayer, for it is through obedience that joy and blessing will come. Obedience pounds out the weakness of the flesh. Praise the Lord!!

Many blessings as you celebrate this season! Celebrate the Lord's Incarnation and becoming Immanuel, God With Us!!


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