Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello friends,

Perhaps you have noticed that I stink at keeping this things updated...I would like to do better, yet find myself writing so much more in a journal instead of here. Perhaps you have long since stopped checking as I never post, who knows, but thought I would write anyway as it came to mind today.
God has chosen this time to dig deep into my heart and pull out the wounded heart of a young girl and bring healing. I have felt often as though I were sinking, yet see more that His hand is deeper in this than I once thought. Praise the Lord.
My family is hurting; more than I every saw before. We are so captured by pain and wounded hearts that is blinding our need for each other and wounding further in the process. I do not wish what I have encountered on the rest of my family, yet something must break so we can be reconciled. Eyes need to be opened. Please pray. Pray this comes out in the next two years. That we would see each other wounded, offer forgiveness and allow the Lord to bring healing to our own hearts and relinquish our grip on control and harboring of pain.

Love your sister,

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Alivia :) said...

amanda :)!
i'll definitely keep your family in my prayers!
i'm missing you sister!
do you have skype?
lets catch up soon!
Much Love,
Alivia :)