Friday, June 15, 2012

Treasure Hunt Anyone??

For centuries mankind has been increasingly willing to endure whatever hardship, hassle or inconvenience that befell them (even to the point of death) to discover those things most valued in this world. Job 28 describes man's search for the treasures of this earth, deep inside the core where "eagles can't see." The California Gold rush in the 1800s drew men from all over the country out west either with their families or alone in search of the precious metal that could change their lives. Its value was and is reflected in the willingness of man to search for it. I have been thinking about wisdom? Do I search for wisdom the way I search for wealth? Do I know where to find wisdom, how to obtain it or even what the cost may be to approach it? Am I willing to endure hardship, pain, and here it order to find what the Bible says is more valuable than gems, pearls or gold? Why is the book of Job a part of wisdom literature? We all know the story of Job; we know he suffered, but do I understand what he gained through that suffering? Do I want to know? Dallas Willard said, "People only know what they want to know." How badly do I want to know the Truth? I'm not just talking about the gospel, although that is the Truth. What about the Truth in my own life? Am I willing to face reality? Am I willing to face my own sin? I mean really face it, not in a "let's accept and move on" sort of way but with a grievous and repentant heart? Is it possible that accepting the losses that make up reality can lead us into wisdom? Is suffering necessary to obtain what the Bible deems so valuable?

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