Sunday, September 7, 2008


Many of you remember that I threw out my back this past February and ended up lying on the floor in my apartment for two weeks. God used a chiropractor to get me back on my feet again, and I figured the pain would subside shortly after. Unfortunately, I have struggled with pain in my back that has limited my ability to do pretty much anything. I had a few nights this summer that I could not sleep because I was so uncomfortable from pain. After spending a few weeks, or even a few days with my nephews, I would find myself sore and uncomfortable the following week from carrying them around. Without medical insurance, I really was at a loss for how to heal and wondered if it was just going to take time.
Well, when I took the job coaching volleyball I began to wonder how my back would be factoring in. I played my first two practices and found myself unable to walk around by the end of them. It would take all night and the next morning and afternoon for me to recover enough to get on the court again. I have been stretching every night and feeling a bit better here and there, but the minute I hit the practice floor or lift something heavy, the pain would return. It has made me quite nervous, and in tears the other day I ended up phoning a friend of a friend who is a chiropractor here in Redding. I'm all set for an appointment tomorrow morning actually, and my anxiety began to release, yet I still had to make it to tomorrow and that was Friday. I went to practice in pretty bad shape and very worried that I could injure myself permanently. I put some heat on it before practice and then walked into the gym. As I leaned over to pick up my water bottle, I quietly asked the Lord to give me my back for this practice. God answered and strengthened my back...but He went one step further. My back was not only strong for that practice, but has continued to improve since Friday afternoon. By Saturday night, I had forgotten about the pain that has been lurking in my back for 7 months because it wasn't there. Praise the Lord! Tonight when I realized that I haven't felt pain in almost two days, I reached down for my toes and realized that the uncomfortable pressure was no longer in my lower back as well. My back has been touched by the hand of God! The Lord has a purpose in my being in Redding, and He has touched my back for a reason. Father may this be but a testimony to your design, and may the strength you have given me in my back give me the strength to confront what you have brought me here to do. Amen.

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