Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Such a Privilege...

As part of my week up in Canada, I had the great privilege of baptizing two young women. Jaymie, pictured below, was one of my counselors last summer, and I have been able to watch God shape her life over the past couple years. It was such a joy to be a part of this day with her and to do it with a great friend of mine, Kristie (pictured on the other side of Jaymie)!
I also was able to participate in baptizing another one of my counselors, Emma, whose picture I hope to have up here soon...I am constantly moved at how the Lord allows me to be used. I am not worthy of such a privilege, yet so honored to stand with these incredible young women as they commit their lives publicly to our Great God!

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Mel said...

sorry Amanda! My computer crashed, or the hard Drive did. SO no pictures. As soon as I get paied I'm gunna take the computer in and get all the info off of it adn than I'll e-mail it to you.! So Glad God healed your back and is giving you affirmation orf youbeing in Cali! So so so exciting to hear friend! Be massively blessed! With lot's of love!